VW Components

The industrial ties with the motor vehicle manufacturer VOLKSWAGEN - VW - forms the basis for Sauer & Sohn, Motorentechnik to distribute any and all globally manufactured VW components for automotive as well as non-automotive applications.

The high quality standard of the parts, low costs per unit and comprehensive test phases give these original VW components a product quality able to satisfy the requirements of many industrial fields of application.

Innovative design and the corresponding certification of VW components constitute further aspects which are decisive for various industrial branches such as furniture makers, manufacturers of conveyors, or the engineering industry to include VW components as parts in the idea of their overall product.

Apart from the non-automotive industry, VW components from the automotive industrial-scale production have been taking on their place in the manufacturing of special purpose vehicles for a fairly long time. Manufacturers of municipal utility vehicles, cranes, construction equipment and numerous other industrial companies have been using certain VW components in order to avoid own development periods, test phases and to save investment costs after all.

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